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Worthy Fitness Birthday Bash

Date: Tuesday, November 6th



7:00am - Exercise Class

7:30 am - Weight Room Basics

8:15 am - Brainstorm Breakfast


Location: Hansen Center Weight Room


Description: In honor of Worthy Fitness turning 1 year old, this whole morning is completely free! Drop in for any or all of the activities that appeal to you. (Some lucky participants will head home with Worthy Fitness t-shirts)


Details: We’ll start at 7am with a traditional Worthy exercise class focused on burning calories through interval training.

Next, we will hit the weight room where trainer Kara Martin will talk through weight room etiquette and coach you through proper form of basic lifts.

Finally, you are invited to breakfast with Kara at the Cornerstone dining commons. Come with questions about or ideas for Worthy Fitness!

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