1 for 7

     Did you know that only 0.5% of people in the US have run a marathon?[1] I was surprised by this small number, because most people I’ve met think that finishing a marathon would be an awesome bucket list item. I ran my first marathon in October 2017 and am beyond excited to begin training for my second marathon next week.

     Last year, I learned a lot about running the race with endurance (Hebrews 12:1-2). This passage came alive for me both physically and emotionally. As I trained for the race, I was also fundraising with World Vision to provide permanent sources of clean water in African communities. Those who partnered with me helped me to raise $3,170. Because World Vision can give permanent clean water to one person for just $50, this means I was able to provide water for over 63 kids. This year, I want to almost double that impact.

     My goal is to get water to 100 children. To reach a number this big, I needed to think of new fundraising strategies. So this year, while I train for a marathon I will also be donating my time and expertise to provide a new way for you to get involved.

     Worthy Fitness is launching a program called “1 for 7”. This program will run until July 31. For each $50 donation to my fundraising page, I will write you a week-long personalized workout plan at no charge. By changing the life of one person, you will receive the opportunity to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals. Here are the steps to get involved with 1 for 7:

1)         Make your donation of $50 or more at https://www.teamworldvision.org/participant/Kara-Martin

2)         Write “1 for 7” in the message box

3)         Include your name and the best email address at which to reach you.

     I am so excited to offer this way for you to get involved with an important cause. Worthy believes every human was made in God’s image, and that includes the children in Africa who need clean water so badly.

     You are making an impact. That is huge. Your support is appreciated more than you know, and you are loved more deeply than you can comprehend.



[1] https://www.statisticbrain.com/marathon-running-statistics/