1 for 7

What if by working out and getting healthy you could help solve global issues?


Worthy owner Kara Martin is spending her summer training for her second marathon. She will run the 26.2 mile race while raising funds to build clean water systems in Africa.

World Vision can get a permanent source of clean water to a child in Africa for just $50.

Kara's goal is to provide water to 100 kids. A goal this big needs a unique fundraising strategy. So this year, Kara will be donating her time and talent to provide yet another way for you to get involved.

For each $50 donation to Kara's fundraising page, you will recieve a week-long workout plan personalized to your own goals.

Make your donation at


and use the phrase "1 for 7" in the message line of your donation. Also include your name and the best email address at which to reach you.


Your support is so appreciated! Your impact is huge, and you are loved deeply.

Questions? kara.martin@worthyfitness.org